Choosing a snowboard, there’s a few things to consider: height, weight, gender, stance, skill level, board usage, board length, flexibility, the board type and board width.

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Choosing your snowboard by height, weight and gender is first of all the height of your board should be between your chin and nose. The shorter the board the easier to control, the taller the board the easier to control high speeds. The board should also withstand your weight, it needs to keep you gliding down the mountain. Your board also depends on gender, obviously we have different bodies based on girl or boy and their weight.


Next to consider is stance, you have goofy, regular, switch also skill level. As far as stance; goofy is when you ride with you right foot forward, regular is when you ride with your left foot forward switch is between riding regular and goofy. This all is based off your preference and what you’re comfy with. Next also take in consideration your skill level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert.


Let’s talk board usage, board length, flexibility, and board type. With board length it will determine where you will ride. Some will ride on all mountains, some on terrain parks and some all mountains, back country and free ride. Boards differ based on that. Next board type, there’s traditional camber, reverse camber and rocker, flat camber and combination camber. Which correlate back to where you are riding and which board will best fit your destination. Flexibility of the board depends on type, some are more flexible than others. Based on the type of board and what it’s designed to ride will determine it’s flexibility. The board width is pretty minor as long as it fits the boots and don’t hang off the board when your feet are strapped in.