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  1. La Sportiva TC Pro Vibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe

    La Sportiva TC Pro Vibram XS Edge Climbing...

    Designed by big-wall legend Tommy Caldwell with the long, technical routes of El Cap in mind, the La Sportiva TC Pro Vibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe combines edging power with crack-climbing prowess. Inexpensive? No. One of the most high-performance trad climbing shoe ever created by humans? Damn right. That's assuming you think Tommy Caldwell is human. This mid-height climbing machine features light ankle padding to ease the pain of vicious off-widths, and the vented tongue and rand help ward off sweaty feet during marathon days on the wall. Learn More
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    Scarpa Mago Climbing Shoe - Vibram XS Grip2 Apple Green

    Scarpa Mago Climbing Shoe - Vibram XS Grip2...

    Special Price: $103.32

    Regular Price: $158.95

    The Scarpa Mago Climbing Shoe uses a down-turned toe, full-length laces, and an X-Tension midsole to provide you with all the edging performance needed to handle some seriously technical climbing. If you can't send with this highly curved shoe, then it's certainly not the shoe's fault. Learn More
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    La Sportiva Katana Vibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe

    La Sportiva Katana Vibram XS Edge Climbing...

    Special Price: $119.96

    Regular Price: $149.95

    The La Sportiva Katana Vibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe uses an aggressive design to give you performance on moderately overhanging routes without going so overboard that it makes you shed toe-pain tears. This, combined with the ultra-sticky soles and hook-and-loop closures, makes the Katana a versatile shoe for every type of climbing. Learn More
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    Evolv Shaman LV Climbing Shoe - Women's

    Evolv Shaman LV Climbing Shoe - Women's

    Special Price: $104.96

    Regular Price: $149.95

    Lisa Rands and Emily Harrington helped Chris Sharma design the Evolv Women's Shaman LV Climbing Shoe. With three of the top names in the industry behind it, you know the Shaman LV packs some serious vert-grabbing power. Climbers with lower-volume feet can step right into the Shaman LV for a precision fit augmented by triple hook-and-loop straps. Two signature features combine for a specific and strong transfer of energy; the 'Love Bump' eliminates under-toe dead space, while the 'Knuckle Box' holds your big toe in a position of power. Learn More
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    Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe

    Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe

    Special Price: $89.97

    Regular Price: $149.95

    Evolv's mad scientists melted down lightning bolts, kryptonite, pure attitude, and locks of Chris Sharma's hair to create the mold for the Shaman Climbing Shoe. At a top secret unveiling, several people were carried away on stretchers after fainting at the sight of the Shaman's revolutionary and aggressive profile. Built with input from the master himself, this shoe features a love bump under the toe to eliminate deadspace and a heel counter for structure and tension. Throw in Evolv's proprietary Trax XT high-friction rubber and the result is a shoe that's so advanced, it can even help you find features in drywall. Learn More
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    Evolv Nexxo Climbing Shoe

    Evolv Nexxo Climbing Shoe

    Special Price: $119.96

    Regular Price: $149.95

    Evolv and Chris Sharma took a new approach to designing the Nexxo Climbing Shoe so you can tackle the steepest routes around with precise power and soft comfort. EPow is Evolv's newest system that ensures tension and power throughout the shoe in order to maximize your climbing potential. It has an aggressive downturned, asymmetric profile so you can grip foot holds on roofs with ease, and both the Love Bump at the bottom of your toes and the Knuckle Box at the top put your toes into a powerful position that's also incredibly comfortable. While the synthetic forefoot remains rigid and sturdy for the ultimate performance, leather from the mid to the rear keeps your foot super comfortable for long training days at the gym. A hook-and-loop strap seals your foot in the shoe while the elastic band around your ankle provides a secure fit. Evolv placed a microfiber lining in the forefoot for comfort and left the rest unlined for optimized sensitivity and precision. Its MX-P midsole has an additional semi-crescent nylon support that maximizes the shoe's downturned tension so it doesn't flatten within a few months. Evolv took its proprietary Trax rubber and shaved it down in critical areas to give your foot the dexterity it needs for precision on technical climbs. And a VTR rand increases the shoe's longevity so you can climb in this pair of Sharma-worthy shoes for a long time. Learn More
  7. La Sportiva Katana Rock Vibram XS Grip2 Climbing Shoe - Women's Pink/White

    La Sportiva Katana Rock Vibram XS Grip2...

    Strap on the opposing hook-and-loop closure of the La Sportiva Women's Katana Rock Climbing Shoe and name your next vertical rock victim. This synthetic-lined shoe keeps its shape and wicks sweat as you use the 4mm Vibram XS Grip2 outsole to stick to the wall like a lady-ninja poised for your next attack up the rock. A slingshot rand directs power to the Katana's forefoot for controlled edging, smearing, and camming, while the water-resistant leather and Lorica upper keeps its original shape and holds up to your anything goes climbing style. Learn More
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    Tenaya Tatanka Climbing Shoe - Men's

    Tenaya Tatanka Climbing Shoe - Men's

    Special Price: $112.46

    Regular Price: $149.95

    Crafted from quality materials in southern Spain, Tenaya climbing shoes have proven themselves on cutting-edge European sport routes and are now available in the US for the first time. For a taste of Tenaya performance, simply lace up the Tatanka Climbing Shoe. The SXR Dynamics provide a precise, glove-like fit while allowing the foot to naturally move for maximum strength, greater comfort, and fast response in tricky situations. Learn More
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    Red Chili Atomyc Climbing Shoe - Men's One Color

    Red Chili Atomyc Climbing Shoe - Men's One...

    Special Price: $111.75

    Regular Price: $149.00

    Drop the Red Chili Men's Atomyc Climbing Shoe on technical boulder problems and steep sport climbs for powerful, precise performance. Its slingshot rand presses your foot into an aggressive downturn for the utmost power on microscopic edges, and incredible control on overhung climbs. Vibram's XS Grip rubber gives this shoe the traction you need on slippery limestone. Red Chili built the Atomyc's upper from a synthetic material for stretch reduction and rubber overlays along the toe for toe-hooking protection. Additionally, the shoe's leather footbed keeps this climbing shoe sensitive and grippy. Learn More
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    Scarpa Instinct Climbing Shoe -XS Edge

    Scarpa Instinct Climbing Shoe -XS Edge

    Special Price: $111.71

    Regular Price: $148.95

    If you are the type of climber who requires your feet to act more like another set of hands, evolve into a pair of Scarpa Instinct Climbing Shoes, and let the transformation begin. The Instinct's aggressive shape and sensitive midsole sucks to your foot like a vacuum so you can push, pull, squeeze, hook, and grab your way to the top of the most perplexing problems. Sure it's also a favorite of testers at Rock&Ice and Climbing, but you don't have to take their word for it. Slip in and let the crushing commence. Learn More
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    Red Chili Stratos Climbing Shoe - Men's One Color

    Red Chili Stratos Climbing Shoe - Men's One...

    Special Price: $104.26

    Regular Price: $148.95

    Red Chili designed the Men's Stratos Climbing Shoe for hard edging on technical routes whether you're at the gym or crag. A two-part last equips the Stratos with a stiff toe and flexible heel. The stiff toe maximizes edging performance on the smallest footholds, while the flexible heel includes a strong slingshot rand to ensure a secure fit. Red Chili added a rubber toe cap to reduce stretch and ease toe hooking. The leather footbed practically eliminates any slipping, and the RX2 rubber gives a great grip on slippery stone. An ever-so-slight downturn helps you conquer more overhung routes at the gym, but this shoe works best on dead vertical routes. Learn More
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    Red Chili Matador VCR Climbing Shoe - Men's Black/Red

    Red Chili Matador VCR Climbing Shoe - Men's...

    Special Price: $119.21

    Regular Price: $158.95

    Designed for and refined by some of Europe's top climbers, the Red Chilis Men's Matador VCR Climbing Shoe is a precise and powerful shoe capable of handling the most demanding routes and technical problems. The super-tensioned, low-stretch upper and downturned last help you maintain grip on steep and overhanging routes, while the sensitive midsole gives great feedback without sacrificing power. The pointed toe helps you find tiny pockets in the rock, and bonus rubber on the toe increases traction and durability. From sessions at the local gym to multi-pitch sport climbs, push yourself harder with Red Chilis' most advanced shoe. Learn More
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    Red Chili Octan Climbing Shoe - Men's One Color

    Red Chili Octan Climbing Shoe - Men's One...

    Special Price: $111.30

    Regular Price: $159.00

    Every feature on the Red Chili Men's Octan Climbing Shoe is there to do one thing: send difficult routes and steep climbs. With a stiff synthetic upper, breathable neoprene sock lining, and concave sole, the Octan locks your heel into the molded heel cup, while the slingshot rand firmly secures your toes into the toe box, delivering exceptional power to even the smallest chips. Red Chili added a burly rubber toe cap to reduce stretch, increase durability, and help out with funky toe hooks. A leather footbed helps limit slippage, and the easy-to-use hook and loop straps deliver a secure and comfortable closure with minimal effort. Learn More
  14. La Sportiva Testarossa Vibram XS Grip2 Climbing Shoe

    La Sportiva Testarossa Vibram XS Grip2...

    La Sportiva designed every inch of the Testarossa Vibram XS Grip2 Climbing Shoe to give you an edge on hard sport routes. The aggressive shape includes a down-turned toe to keep you glued to super steep pitches, and the full-length laces ensure a precise fit. Learn More
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    La Sportiva Otaki Climbing Shoe - Men's

    La Sportiva Otaki Climbing Shoe - Men's

    Special Price: $139.95

    Regular Price: $174.95

    The Men's Otaki Climbing Shoe is an updated version of La Sportiva's very versatile Katana, except with a downturn for a more aggressive performance on any route or problem. P3 technology applies a Permanent Power Platform that ensures the Otaki's downturn stays downturned. The S-Heel construction optimizes heel hooking and gives a snug fit, while Vibram's XS Edge sole sharpens the sides for ideal edging, slicing, and dicing. La Sportiva styled the Otaki's upper with laser-cut leather and microfiber reinforcements to reduce stretch. The LaspoFlex midsole isn't too soft nor too stiff; you could say it's just right. Learn More